about millycart

millycart.com is one stop shopping solution for everyone. Millycart offers a unique online retail experience to its customers. Most of the people chose Millycart for its aspirational yet accessible product selection. Huge choice of brands and authentically urban aesthetic. Millycart offers a variety of categories including Foot-wares, Sports, Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty products and many more…

new arrivals

We are constantly updating our website with new products to allow our customers to choose from different categories yet niche products. We want Millycart to be one stop shopping solution for our customers to find what they are looking for in here…

top brands

Millycart offers top brands to its customer and build that trust with them so that they can enjoy the satisfactory shopping without worrying about the quality of the products….

lastest trends

Sourcing brands locally and internationally, we’re delivering all the latest trends to your doorstep, whenever you want them.